I offer individual, couples, and family counseling. I create an environment where you feel comfortable by offering you a non-judgmental, safe place of acceptance. I will walk along side and offer ways that can be helpful in managing trauma, stress, and relationships. My goal is to help you access internal resources and make adjustments that can be helpful. My focus has been working with individuals of all ages dealing with a variety of issues, including trauma. I have worked with a diverse population anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, self-esteem, and grief to develop a plan to bring positive changes.
Choosing a therapist is an important step in healing. Contact me via phone (719) 425-4692) or email: rachel@coloradotherapist.net to help you decide if we are a good fit. I consider it a privilege to guide my clients through the healing and growth process.
I offer skills such as, EFT (emotional freedom technique), to manage emotions, reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep, mood, and communication. Together, we can identify the triggers that cause difficulties and process them. I can offer support and guidance through a difficult situation or a new direction in life.